This project began in the summer of 2016. Napkin notes became spreadsheets, and E-mails were sent. An ambitious content map bragged of telling the story of the “first decade of the Freestyle Movement”, and even more E-mails were sent. Within a month, we had a contributor list assembled that threatened to genuinely deliver on the ambition of the project. The early Pioneers, the contest organizers, the riders, brand managers, journalists, photographers, and industry entrepreneurs that played a role in the pivotal first era of freestyle formed a community around the project, and started to talk. This group is essentially why the project exists. These guys moved the needle on a daily basis and gave trick riding credibility and an identity ... “Freestyle”. It is this group, and their amazing story, that we celebrate in this book.

Soon after, the interviews began and the project took on a life of its own. Now we move into the second stage. In my best LL Cool J Impression, “Don’t call it a crowd fund”. We could have taken that route, but actually, this project is about this community -  the guys that hold the torch high for Freestyle history and pound their chests with pride when they speak of their love for something that many just don’t understand. The guys that ride the parks and cruise the streets on twenty-inch bikes and continue to celebrate this phenomenal story. The small online businesses that allow us to indulge the memories, and the lifestyle, that shaped our generation. You know who you are. This one is for you.

Our pledge is simple. If you place a 50% deposit for the First Edition of the book, we will print and deliver an insightful, mind-bending, spine-tingling collection of untold stories and unpublished images within a beautifully produced, signed, and numbered First Edition copy of Wall To Wall – The Birth of the Freestyle Movement. If you take on one of our packages, that deposit secures a collection of stellar items that have been carefully selected, designed and in some cases specifically produced for this project. Our brand supporters are Vans, Oakley, Haro Bikes, GT Bicycles, SE Bikes, Skyway, and a man that needs no introduction, Bob Haro. The group was selected for the role they each played in creating an industry and an economy around the evolving scene. They sponsored riders, funded contests, developed innovative products, and entertained us on the pages of newsletters and magazines. They were the engine room of the movement, and like each of you, their support is essential to the project.

Whether you make a purchase, or just watch the project unfold, we appreciate the energy and good will of every single person within this excellent community. In July 2017, we party, and deliver this project like a meteor strike. Launches and events are planned in key locations and cities around the world. Stay tuned for more information and ride on.